Bolton comes under fire

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The Bolton revelations that sprung up in the middle of the defense case also explain why McConnell wanted to get the proceedings over as quickly as possible. But they also raise the possibility that Republicans could vote to acquit Trump and then could pay a political price down the road if Bolton's book reveals new evidence of misconduct.
Trump's strongest supporters in the Senate are, however, making a forceful case to their colleagues to reject witnesses.
Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky attacked Bolton's credibility as a witness after he left the White House last year on acrimonious terms and said he now wanted to make money on a book.
"I think we need to ask, is he a disinterested, or a neutral or a dispassionate, witness. I think we need to take with a grain a salt, his testimony if he were to come in," Paul told Wolf Blitzer on "The Situation Room."
House impeachment manager Jerry Nadler, a New York Democrat, however, said such arguments were overcome every day in the regular legal system.
"It's fundamental in any trial ... that you listen to the witnesses and you make the judgment as to whether the witness is credible in telling the truth," Nadler said at a Capitol Hill news conference.
Schiff also sought to raise the heat on Republican senators over Bolton and also appears to shape the political battlefield should they take a different route and quickly vote to acquit the President.
"The question squarely before the senators is will there be a fair trial?" Schiff said.
"Will there be a trial that American's overwhelmingly want those that are for or against the President ... want the trial to be fair, which means the calling of witnesses so that is the threshold issue that the Senate will have to decide."
    While Republican senators in overwhelmingly red states have a strong incentive to please the President -- others with more difficult reelection races or those who are examining their consciences have a tough choice.
    A vote against the President on this question could hamper their future careers, invite primary challenges, isolate them in their party and put lucrative retirement jobs in the conservative firmament at risk.

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