Doctor dies treating Coronavirus patients in China

Wuhan hospital doctor dies after contracting coronavirus while battling to save infected patients

A Wuhan hospital doctor has died nine days after contracting the deadly coronavirus as he battled to save infected patients in the city as the death toll from China’s outbreak jumped to 41 today. 

Liang Wudong, 62, who had been treating patients in Wuhan, died from the virus this morning, state-run China Global Television Network reported in a tweet. Wudong, who was retired but drafted in to help with the outbreak, died this morning. 

It was also reported that another doctor, Jiang Jijun, had died from a heart attack while treating patients. It is unknown if the infectious disease specialist, who has treated bird flu and influenza A and tuberculosis over the years, died as a result of coronavirus or from exhaustion. 

Also today, the distressing video has emerged showing the full scale of panic inside Wuhan hospitals, with crowded corridors, patients slumped on the floor and screaming heard in the footage.

It shows staff shouting at patients to calm themselves as medics desperately try to contain the situation. Some workers are reported to be wearing diapers as they don’t have time to use the toilet amid the panic. Some 56 million people are now subject to restrictions on their movement as authorities expand travel bans in central Hubei province, now affecting 18 cities. 

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has declared a virus emergency in the Asian financial hub, announcing a package of measures to limit the city’s links with mainland China. Schools, now on Lunar New Year holidays, would remain shut until February 17, while inbound and outbound flights and high-speed rail trips between Hong Kong and Wuhan would be halted. China’s National Health Commission has announced it had formed six medical teams totaling 1,230 medical staff to help Wuhan. Three of the six teams, from Shanghai, Guangdong and military hospitals have arrived in Wuhan.

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