Coronavirus: latest developments worldwide

Covid-19 Iran

The situation improves in China while the list of countries hit globally grows and the WHO warns the world is "simply not ready". Here are the latest developments in the coronavirus crisis.
There are some 80,000 infections worldwide, including nearly 2,800 outside China and more than 2,700 deaths worldwide, according to the latest toll from the World Health Organization on Wednesday.
The number of deaths in China has declined, with 52 deaths in the last 24 hours, the lowest count in more than three weeks.
But the daily number of infections worldwide is higher than in China, the WHO said.
In its latest count some 40 people had died outside mainland China since the start of the epidemic.
Cases of the virus have appeared in five new countries: Algeria, Austria, Croatia, Greece and Switzerland, bringing the number of countries hit to around 40.

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