How Journaling Can MAJORLY Glow Up Your Love Life

imageI started to journal in 2017 after I went on an amazing trip to London and Iceland only to be deeply bummed once it was over. Every day after, I’d write a bulleted list of every single thing I was grateful for, even if the only good things of note were free cheese cubes at work or a dog making eye contact with me on the street.

Determined to never have a blank page, I kept finding new reasons to add. Slowly, I started to realize the things I thought were making me happy like a surplus of retweets on a dumb meme were stuff I’d forget to write down. But even the tiniest good moments in my relationships stuck out every time. For instance, I began to notice which friendships genuinely brought me joy (and why) and which ones felt like I was kinda lying to myself about.
Other improvements I noticed once I started writing these lists: I stopped having random pangs of jealousy when scrolling through Instagram, my romantic relationship transformed into the best version of itself (so far), and I grew even closer to my good friends.
As Laura Rubin, the founder of AllSwell Creative, a journaling workshop and notebook company, explains, I’m not the only one who has experienced this phenomenon. “Journaling helps strengthen the relationship you have with yourself,” she says.

“Regardless of whether you’re single or in a relationship, you need to have self-confidence, self-worth, and self-love, and nourishing those attributes is going to make you a better partner,” adds Rubin.
Not only can having some undivided “you time” to journal be a great way to do something nice for yourself, but it can also help you gradually learn what really matters to you. And this can be especially effective when it comes to your love life.
“When you’re single, you have the incredible opportunity to choose your partner,” Rubin says. “So, the more self-aware you are of the positive and negative attributes you’re looking for in a partner, the more discerning you’ll be about who’s right for you.”

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