A Quiet Place 2 first reactions slink in: 'A masterclass in suspense'

A Quiet Place Part I was lauded for its masterful sound design and suspense. Returning to its post-apocalyptic world overrun with sound-sensitive aliens, John Krasinski's sequel looks to have recaptured and expanded the elements that put him on the director's map with his debut. He's got more than one great movie in him, that's for sure.
Paramount's first critic screenings for A Quiet Place Part II, which sees Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe all return as the Abbott family, have wrapped up and Twitter reviews are slinking out. The reactions have been overwhelmingly positive so far, though as always you'll have to wait for the full reviews to arrive before the final verdict.
A Quiet Place Part II tiptoes into cinemas March 19 in the UK and Australia, and March 20 in the US. It sees the Abbotts in the aftermath of dad Lee's (Krasinski) death, with new threats to deal with that aren't necessarily alien. This time around, the brilliant cast is joined by the equally silent Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou.

Twitter reactions

"A Quiet Place Part II is not at all what I expected," Meagan Navarro writes, "and that's a great thing. A very creative sequel that goes to some unexpected and satisfying places. Bravo Millicent Simmonds."
Writes Mike Ryan, "A Quiet Place Part II is "Tension: The Movie." I have a stomach ache now from how tense this movie is."
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