Did Madison Really Keep Peter Weber's Mom Waiting for 3 Hours? Chris Harrison Says...

Barbara Weber, Madison Prewett, Peter Weber, Bachelor Finale

First impressions are everything, but according to The Bachelor's Chris Harrison, not all was as it seemed when it came time for Madison Prewett to meet Peter Weber's family. 
As made abundantly evident on last night's finale, Peter's mom, Barbra Weber, found it offensive that Madison would postpone their scheduled introductions for "three hours." Barb complained about having to travel from L.A. to Australia to meet her son's potential fiancée, who she said didn't bother to apologize about the delay and came off cold to the Weber family. 
But as Harrison explained during today's appearance on On Air With Ryan Seacrest, Madison is not entirely at fault. 
"Them being late was just as much on Peter as it was Madison," he explained. "The reason they were late [was that] they were having a discussion out front. They were having a discussion of, 'Are they going to do this? Are we even at the stage where we should meet your parents?' That discussion was between the two of them so it wasn't Madison throwing a fit. It wasn't Madison doing her makeup and being late. It was Peter as well."

As for Harrison's reaction to Barb's fury, he said he couldn't have predicted: "how angry she was going to be with her son, with Madison, the whole thing." The reality TV host also offered insight into Peter's mindset soon after the cameras stopped rolling. 

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