First local transmission of coronavirus in South Africa

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South Africa's ministry of health has reported the country's first case of local transmission of the coronavirus.
A 32-year-old man had contracted coronavirus after coming into contact with a Chinese businessman, Reuters news agency reports.
All other cases had been patients who had travelled abroad.
The majority of confirmed cases on the continent are imported. South Africa, Algeria and Nigeria now have evidence of local transmission. These are people who were in contact with cases that travelled from countries already affected by the outbreak.
In South Africa, the health ministry announced four more confirmed cases of Covid 19, bringing the total number to 17.
The World Health Organisation has declared the outbreak a pandemic, meaning it is spreading fast across the world. Some 81 countries are yet to report an outbreak, and more than half of them are in Africa. There are 132 confirmed cases and two deaths on the continent.
Even as the outbreak of Covid 19 is labelled a pandemic, it continues to grow at a slower pace in Africa giving countries more time to prepare.
Some countries are taking drastic measures. Seychelles has temporarily closed down the island to cruise ships. The DRC has shut down two hotels after a traveller tested positive for Covid 19. And Uganda says passengers arriving at the international airport will be sprayed with a disinfectant.
Elsewhere, the US has banned flights from the European Union. India has cancelled all Visas except diplomatic and employment categories. And Kuwait has stopped all flights into the country.
The impact of these measures will only be known in weeks to come. But the lockdown in Wuhan, where the outbreak began, appears to have helped slow down the spread of the new virus in China.

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