I bought an engagement ring, gave my boyfriend to propose to me, he sold it and used the money to fix his car – Lady

The norm in this present age is fast evolving and moving away from the conventional way of men buying engagement rings to propose to their girlfriends.
While we see some women proposing to their partners, others give their fiancees money to carry out wedding-related matters.

The latter of the above-mentioned cases is a bit similar to that of a Twitter user simply identified as Malondi who revealed that because her boyfriend could not afford an engagement ring, she bought one and gave it to him to use and propose.
But in an unusual turnout of events, he sold the ring and used the money to repair his car.
While sharing how she has moved on, Malondi said: “I bought an engagement ring for him to propose, because he once told me he couldn’t afford to buy one for me. He took the ring, pawned it and fixed his car. I’m still breathing through the wound!”

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