Is it okay to tell a dirty joke at work?

business people laughing

On her first day in a new job in the City, Kate (not her real name) didn't know what to expect. Now a successful executive, she remembers being ready to roll with the punches, anything in order to get ahead.
What she didn't expect was unrelenting sexual innuendo.
Whenever she wore red heels, one of her bosses joked about how she wasn't "wearing knickers".
In other meetings, senior male colleagues would say "while you're down there" when she was plugging in a computer.
By the time she quit, she says, she knew the reference to red shoes was a joke that was often made.
While Kate doesn't mind a bit of "banter", she says it was just too easy for lines to be blurred, especially within the tough culture of the City. What was meant as joking around with the boys, when you are the subject of the comments amount to sexual harassment.
She told the human resources team who handled her exit interview that this kind of office "humour" had driven her to attempt suicide.

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