Master List Of Hotel Coronavirus Change And Cancellation Policies

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In these precarious times, the last thing you need as you’re scrambling to rearrange your travel plans is to worry about your hotel reservation. Thankfully, many luxury properties around the globe understand your plight and are easing restrictions that typically come with changing (or even canceling) your booking.
Read below to see how luxury hotels are dealing with specific issues surrounding COVID-19, commonly known as the coronavirus. Since this news is constantly changing, we advise you to check this list regularly for the most up-to-date policy directives.
Forbes Travel Guide will update this list as soon as possible after we find out about a policy change. Last updated March 14, 1:38 p.m.
Change and Cancellation Policies
  • The company will waive cancellation fees and refund prepaid deposits for stays through April 30, 2020, for guests who have traveled from or via mainland China, South Korea, Iran or Italy. This does not apply to groups.
  • Individual guests with reservations at hotels in Italy or Asia through April 30, 2020, will not have to pay cancellation fees and can get their prepaid deposits back.

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