Positions women like

Here comes that generalisation again, and with it the knowledge that at least one reader will say, "But I'm not like that". Okay, let's say that many - not all - women enjoy these lovemaking positions.

Call us indulgent, but most men enjoy seeing their partners having an orgasm. Here are a few of the positions many women find gives them the most pleasure, along with some tips for men on maximising the enjoyment for both of you.
You lie on your back, perhaps with a pillow under your bottom. Once she's on top of you and you're inside her, you can tilt your pelvis forward a bit, which allows her to grind hers more directly against it. Many women find this a reliable way of having a clitoral orgasm,
especially if they lie on top of you. She may prefer you to lie still and let her control the rhythm of her movement. Don't worry - it'll be pleasant for you too.
Your partner may also prefer to remain erect, resting her weight on her hands while moving rhythmically up and done. This enables her to move her G-spot against the head or shaft of your penis.
This position can be hugely enjoyable position for both of you. Your partner may heighten the sensation for both of you by squeezing her kegel muscles. Exotic sex manuals talk about women turning around while astride the man, but feats like these have more value as a novelty than heightened pleasure. Try it, but don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work out. There are plenty of other options.
The intimate missionary

It's a much-maligned position, but
many women love it. It allows full-length, skin-to-skin touching and eye contact. Try putting your arms around your partner and holding her close to you. 

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