Tourists from Nile ship fly out of Egypt

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We’ve got an update from Egypt, where 45 people with the new coronavirus were evacuated from a Nile cruise ship on Saturday and placed in isolation on land.
Egypt's tourism ministry says that a group of 46 French and American tourists who were quarantined on board the A-Sara as a precaution flew home on Tuesday night after testing negative for Covid-19.

Seventeen Indian passengers who also tested negative have been taken to Cairo airport and are waiting to leave.
Egypt has so far reported 59 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and one death - a German tourist.

One of the cruise ship passengers who tested positive was US journalist Matt Swider, the managing editor of website TechRadar. He has been tweeting about his experiences at a hospital in Egypt. Many Egyptians have been sharing his posts with pride, according to BBC Monitoring.

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