What to do with your old Android phone if you buy a new one

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With all the cool new foldable phones that have been released lately, like the Galaxy Z Flip and the nostalgic Motorola Razr, there's so much temptation to upgrade your phone to one of the new devices. And while selling or trading in your old phone is a great option to lower the overall cost of buying a new device, it's not the only approach. 
If your phone's too old to command a high trade-in value, or you're looking to save some money on a wireless mouse or security camera, you could hold onto your old device and repurpose it into something you'll actually want to use.
After all, smartphones are small, powerful computers with storage space and a camera. Your phone makes a handy substitute for lots of other electronics -- you can even turn it into a home security camera or diagnose your car's mechanical problems.

Turn your old Android into a Nintendo Game Boy

You can play video games everywhere you go when you turn your Android into a Nintendo Game Boy. All you need to get started is a compatible Android phone and a Hyperkin Smart boy Mobile Device. 
In order to play the games, you'll need to purchase Game Boy cartridges (unless you still have them). But you can also play Game Boy Advance ($40 at Amazon) apps if you don't have the retro cartridges.

Use your Android as a universal remote

It's great having one remote that can do everything -- think Click, the Adam Sandler movie. OK, maybe not that extreme. But being able to control all of your devices from one remote is a relief. Download a remote control app, such as iRule and then sync your phone to devices including your Xbox One, Roku and Apple TV.
If you have smart light bulbs, you can sync your phone to those as well. Follow these tips on how to turn your device into a universal remote so you never have to wonder where your TV remote is hiding again.

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