Where Peter Weber and Madison Prewett Stand After The Bachelor Finale

The Bachelor, Finale

For better or for worse, Peter Weber's journey to find love is far from over. 
Tonight's season finale included practically every twist in The Bachelor playbook, and after his brief engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss flamed out in a most dramatic fashion, Peter reunited with self-eliminated runner-up Madison Prewett.
Chris Harrison flew to Madison's Alabama hometown to share the news that Peter and Hannah Ann were no more, which presented an opportunity the 23-year-old could not refuse. So off she went to Los Angeles, where she surprised Peter in the backyard of his parents' home. 
"Look, I made a million and one mistakes," Peter told Madison. "But I know that I fell in love with you. And I know I messed up and I messed up and I messed up, and I'm so sorry for that. But I haven't just, like, fallen out of love with you. And obviously, we hurt both of each other like crazy. And obviously, you're here right now for a reason."
So what does it all mean?! 
"I know how we both feel about each other. I think [we'll] take it one step at a time, one day at a time. That is the smartest way to go about this. I know that I have a lot of healing to do. I know she does, too. But the way I feel for you, that's never changed and I never lost that. Whatever that means, whatever this turns into... Do we have a million and one obstacles? Yeah. Is it all uphill? Probably," Peter shared. 

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