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Hey about-to-wed;

After you people have finished talking in the nonsense at the altar, you know, all those your "for better for worse, in sickness and in colobia virus, in poverty, in quarrels and strong hardship, till death do us part" and other tales by moonlight negative confessions you will make before your Pastor in the name of exchange of vows.

The moment you get back to your hotel, remove all your clothes and take a hot shower. After that don't dress up, get completely naked, the two two both of you. Get totally naked. Forget about that first time sex you want to have, because I know that will be the first meal on your menu. Wait first uncle, tell her to kneel down, remember I said naked. No bra, no panties, let the will of God be exposed to you. I know by this time your brain will want to burst, just beholding her beauty, I also know that with the way wifey will be kneeling before you facing her future, she may not be too comfortable, but relax and control yourselves briefly, don't worry the food is your own, you will still eat each other and request for toothpick.

Now get an annointing oil. Hold it on your right hand. Raise it up in thankgiving and bless it by the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling chiefly in you as the first born of God and the priest of your marriage. Bless the oil very well.

While aunty is still kneeling, with her eyes closed, because if she opens her eyes and sees you standing there naked the prayer can spoil 不不不不, naturally your wedding night is not a time to do atmosphere of miracles, but hey, you both are not natural, you have a supernatural in-dwelling, so that sex will have to wait first until the seal of heaven over your marriage is activated. What triggers the covenant of marriage is not when you tear nylon( if you know what I mean不) , naa, it is when you break open the flood gates and activate the partnership of heaven into your union, that is where the covenant of oneness is established.

Okay. while she is kneeling with her eyes closed, annoint her head with the oil and command her to become for you the virtuous wife that you know she already has the capacity to exceed. Kaii休

Forget all those for better for worse you went to do with people who came to eat jollof rice, this is where the real battle begins.

Speak to her head!
Speak to her womb.
Speak to her tongue.
Speak to her wisdom.

See Sir, that first night you will be sleeping together as her husband, you carry a special grace I call the grace of alignment.

Make declarations that are personal to you;
I will never lay my hands on this woman I have annointed!!!
I annoint you to come first in everything before mine!!!
Let this annointing be a sign that I have submitted myself to serve you with humility even as I lead you with wisdom!!!
I call you fertile!
I call your womb fertile!!!
I annoint you as my one and only fantasy! This annointing be a symbol of my unbreakable convenant with your body!
I annoint you as ruler over my finances!!!
I vow to always listen to you who I have annointed this day!!!
Let this annointing strip me of all my rights to anger and retaliation towards you.
Let this annointing trouble us to never go to bed without making peace no matter who was right or wrong.

kadoyadeshai brendodo lapee!!!休休休休休休

These are the real vows that carry the seal of partnership between you, your spouse, and all the celestial witnesses present in heaven!

Furnish her soul with declarations from your heart, annoint every part of her body using suitable scriptures of consecration.

Then raise her up! As she rises, she is rising as a burnt offering, from wedding fragrance to fire!

Eheeen, you too kneel down before her, naked. Forget whatever is dangling, please avoid looking straight at her as you kneel, before your mental cavity will spoil things quickly.不不不

Now wifey, repeat the same to your priest, men can be very stubborn at times, so you may need to empty the entire annointing oil on his head, if possible you can break his head with the bottle to shift his sense不不不, we dont use to hear word. Say:

My headship, Let this annointing be a sign of my total surrender to your God given vision and election!
My own personal dreams and visions will come alive in yours, the man I have annointed!!!
My annointed body shall satisfy you always!!!
The grace you have received from God to lead me shall abide in you forever. And I will always recognize the voice of God speaking in you like a sheep to her shepherd.
I annoint you with the oil of joy above your fellows.
I release all the favour I carry upon you by the virtue of this anointing, every drop shall be multiplied.
By this annointing, I invoke the Solomon kind of wisdom upon you, and I command you to function in the understanding of Issachar.
I will never tie wrapper around the house like a cultural dancer不不.

After you are done releasing upon him, pick him up too, as he rises, he rises a priest in the order of Melchizedeck! The husband configured for you alone.

Then, both of you can go and do what has been hungrying you to do since last year不. Please no need to shower again, dont wash off the annointing oil on your bodies, lay like that and cleave. and no, there is no spiritual meaning to this one, you will understand better when things start moving fast fast 不不不. Annointing oil does not only oppose the enemy, it also opposses friction. hehehehe byebye.

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