Friday morning, I woke up early and got the children ready for school. This has become part of my morning routine, wake the girls up, bathe them, get their breakfast ready & drop them off at school.
Then afterwards I head straight for work, I am a teacher by profession, I teach the grade sevens. Clarence won’t be coming back for work she sent Tasha a text and told her to find someone else.
I don’t blame her for quitting,  my wife is unbearable, she can talk for days and she doesn’t whose feelings she hurts in the process, she treated that poor girl like trash and made her feel worthless.
I am making breakfast when the girls come downstairs, Tailor looks furious, she is not a morning person, waking her up every morning is a struggle, she cries and whines the whole time.
‘Daddy can you fix my hair?’ Talia asks
‘Of course darling,’ I respond as I pick her hair up and put in on a pony tail.
‘Breakfast is ready,’ I announce after a while.
I set the muffins in front of them and then I put the coffee next to each of them.
‘Thank you daddy,’ they say in unison.
‘You are welcome.’
I pull a seat next to Tailor and sit down we eat our breakfast in silence. Tasha is quiet strict about her table manners, she doesn’t allow anyone to talk while eating, I guess we are all used to eating in silence now.
After breakfast, the girls grab their bags and we rush out of the house, they get into the passenger seat while I go round and climb into the driver’s seat. I start the car and drive out immediately.
When we get to the school, I kiss the girls goodbye as they head to their separate classrooms. I get back into my car and proceed down the road into town, just quickly enough to avoid the usual daily traffic.
I pull up at my usual parking spot, grab my bag and step out of the car. I immediately head towards my class. I walk into the class full of chattering and laughing.
As I walk to my table, my footsteps echo on the tiled floor catching the attention of my pupils and they keep quiet. I put my bag on the table, open it and remove some books.
‘Good morning class,’ I greet
They rise to their feet, ‘Good morning.’
‘How are you?’
‘We are fine thank you and how are you?’
‘I am fine, sit down.’
‘Thank you sir.’
With that, they all sit down. I ask one of the girls to pray for us before we begin our lessons, as soon as we say Amen, the bell rings indicating first period.
‘Do we all have our home work books ready?’ I ask
I go round colleting the books after I collect all of them I place them on my desk. I stand in front of the class room and start explaining the first lesson of the day.
The day flies by so fast and before I know it, it’s time knock off.
The pupils stand up and start packing their belongings as I walk out of the classroom, I leave some books in the staff room before I say bye to some of my colleagues and march out.
I turn to find Anna running after me, Anna is and I have been friends more than five years.
‘Buddy,’ I smile at her.
‘Where are you rushing too?’ she asks
‘I have to get the kids from school I am even late as we speak.’
She shakes her head and I know what she is about to say.
‘Let’s just leave Tasha out of this,’ I say
‘I didn’t say anything.’
‘I know you were about to say something ill of her.’
She scratches her head, ‘Any chance getting a new house help?’
‘SO you are officially the maid,’ she laughs
‘I have a friend that has a cousin, who is in desperate need of a job.’
‘So what do you say?’
‘Let her come home tomorrow, we can interview her.’
‘I will see you tomorrow.’
‘Say hi to the Bambinos for me.’
‘I will.’
When I arrive at the school, the girls are waiting for me at the front most of the pupils have left.
‘Daddy!’ Tailor squeals hugging my leg
I scoop her up and she crawls into my shoulder till she gets to the top.
‘How was school?’ I ask Talia
She yawns loudly, ‘Hectic daddy, we did long division today in Math and I got two wrong, it’s so frustrating.’
‘We will go through it when we get home.’
Once in the car, Tailor begins to hum to herself while happily kicking her feet in rhythm with the tune.
‘Someone is in happy mood?’ I say looking back at her through the mirror.
‘It’s been a good day,’ she says and I burst out laughing.
‘We thank God.’
We get home a few minutes after 18 and the girls rush into the house, I carry their bags and run after them. Then I change their clothes & give them something to eat before I start cleaning the house.
By the time it’s 19, my wife is not yet back home and I am exhausted, I order us some Pizza and as we wait, I help the girls with their home work. When the Pizza finally gets delivered, I set the table and we sit to eat.
Tasha walks into the house just as we finish eating.
‘Mummy!’ the girls run up to her
After a couple of quick hugs and kisses, they rush towards their bedroom to brush their teeth and prepare for bed.
‘Hey,’ I walk towards her and kiss her forehead.
‘Rough day?’
She yawns, ‘Yes.’
I get her hand bag from her and walk her to our room, she throws herself on the bed and I slip her shoes off her feet.  She closes her eyes as I stroke down her ankles and around her foot to press into the arch.
I slowly work out the ache in her foot, stroking, probing and pressing.
‘Feels good doesn’t it?’ I ask
She gives a soft sigh.
‘How was your day?’ I ask
‘Busy as usual. What have you cooked?’
‘Didn’t have time to cook, I just ordered pizza.’
Her eyes snap open, ‘Pizza? You fed my children Pizza? What happened to healthy home cooked meals?’
I shrug, ‘I didn’t have time to prepare anything.’
She pushes me and stands up, ‘What time did you leave work?’ she enquires.
’16: 20,’ I respond.
‘Your class ends at116:00, why did you leave school at 16:20? What were you doing in those twenty minutes?’
‘Well, I had a mini discussion with Anna.’
‘Anna again, haven’t I told you I don’t want you associating with that woman?’
‘She is my friend.’
‘I don’t care if she is your friend,’ she snaps, ‘you must cut off all ties with her, you are a married woman what do you have in common with an old single woman?’
‘I don’t want to fight with you, just let this go.’
‘I will not let this go, you have to tell me why you are so bent on being friends with that woman? Have you been sleeping with her?’
‘My God Tasha,’ I shake my head.
‘Don’t take me for a fool Fred,’ she grabs my shirt roughly and holds it.
‘Mummy,’ the door creaks open and the girls walk into our room.
Tasha let’s me go instantly.
‘Yes sweethearts,’ she smiles at them
‘Can you read us a story?’ they ask
‘Sure my darlings let me just change into something comfortable, go to your room and I will oin you soon.’
They walk out happily.
She undresses and changes into her yellow pajamas.
‘This is not over,’ she says before she walks out of the room.



Saturday morning I wake up and as usual Tasha isn’t in bed. I slid my robe on, grab my phone and walk downstairs. I see her in the living room lying on the couch talking on the phone.
‘I will call you later my dear,’ she says before she ends the call.
‘Morning,’ I politely greet her.
‘Hey,’ she sits upright.
I sit next to her, ‘what do you have planned for the day?’ I ask
‘I will be having lunch with Prisca in the afternoon then later in the evening, we will have a little get-together.’
I stare at her disappointedly, Tasha and I never spend time together her job and friends always come first in her life, sometimes I wonder why I am still with her when she doesn’t even pay any attention to me.
There was a actually a time in our marriage when Tasha and I were inseparable I don’t know where we went wrong or how she turned into this, I can hardly recognize this woman, I want my wife back.
‘What?’ she clicks her fingers in my face and brings me back to the present.
‘I thought we were gonna spend some time together.’
‘Doing what?’
‘I don’t know,’ I shrug. ‘We could go out to a nice place for dinner and-----“
My phone rings, cutting my sentence short.
‘Who is calling?’ she asks
Oh! Have I mentioned how insecure & jealous my wife is? She is always suspecting me of cheating on her.
‘Who is it?’ she asks again
‘It’s Anna,’ I respond
She frowns, ‘That whore again?’
‘Oh please.’
‘Put it on speaker?’ she commands as I answer the call. I don’t wanna argue with her so I do as she says.
‘Buddy,’ Anna says
‘Hey you.’
‘I forgot to ask what time Carol should come.’
‘She can come through at ten.’
‘Oh great.’
‘Hope I didn’t wake you up.’
‘Nah I am already up.’
‘I thought by this time you would be cuddling with the lady horse,’ she laughs
Tasha shots me a deadly stare.
I clear my throat, ‘Nah! With these kids around, we hardly have the time to cuddle in the morning.’
‘I see.’
‘Do you have plans for today? The guys are planning a mini brail to celebrate Mubita’s promotion. Mubita is one of the teachers at the school who was recently promoted to Deputy Head teacher.
Before I can even respond to Anna, Tasha grabs my phone
‘Firstly stop calling my husband and secondly he won’t be attending that stupid brail,’ with that, she ends the call.
‘Tasha! Are you being for real?’ I ask
‘Lady Horse?’
‘That doesn’t give you the right to grab my phone and insult my friends.’
‘You are such a fool Fred you call that woman a friend when she does nothing but disrespect me? What sort of a husband are you? Husbands are supposed to protect their wives.’
‘It’s too early to argue, ‘I rise to my feet.
‘I don’t want to argue with you.’
I turn towards the stairs but she grabs my arm roughly I turn around and face her.
‘Who is Carol?’
‘Carol is a lady looking for a job as a maid.’
‘I don’t want her.’
‘I don’t want anyone who is friends with Anna to be in my house, that woman is just a whore who is after you.’
I shake my head, ‘You are being unreasonable.’
‘I am real Fred, don’t you dare me, you know I am naturally a psycho and I can be dramatic if I want to be.’
‘I hear you your majesty,’ I mockingly say
‘Don’t fuck with me.’
I walk out on her to our bedroom, this woman will be the death of me, I don’t understand why she acts so insecure, I have never cheated on her  in fact i have never looked at another woman since I married her.  If only she knew how much I love and adore her, she wouldn’t humiliate me in this manner.
Once in our room, I spread the bed and pick the dirty clothes from the floor and put them where they should be. Tasha used to be a hardworking woman when we got married but now she doesn’t even spread the bed unless she is in a good mood, all she does is bath, eat and leave.
Her behavior is uncalled for, I wish she can just talk to me and tell me what’s going on, maybe I have offended her in some way, I am willing to apologize if that will bring back the peace in our house.
She walks into the bedroom a few minutes later and heads straight to the bathroom, she steps out of the bathroom thirty minutes later, dropping the towel to the floor, she checks through her closet for what to wear.
All this time I am quietly looking at her.
A few minutes later she is fully dressed, her makeup and hair is perfectly done as usual. She is wearing a very tight and short dress the dress is too short for my liking.
‘I am heading to the cafĂ© by the corner to get the girls and I some breakfast,’ she says
‘In that dress?’ I eye her from head to toe.
‘And what’s wrong with my dress?’
‘You are a married woman Tasha you can’t be dressing as if you are single. What will people think when they see you dressed like that?’
She laughs, ‘Who cares about what people will think? Just because I am married doesn’t mean I should dress like an old maid, spare me the drama.’
‘I will be back before the women coming for the interview arrive.’
‘And please tell Carol not to come, I don’t want to see her.’
‘Whatever you say.’
‘Are you fooling around with me? Do I like look like one of your dull pupils?’
I shake my head, ‘No.’
‘Thank you,’ she grabs her bag and walks out of the room. A few minutes later I hear the front door open and close. Then there is the sound of car leaving.
When I am sure she has left, I call Anna.
‘Your wife is dramatic, what sort of woman behaves like that?’ she asks
‘I don’t even understand her myself.’
‘You need to leave that woman before you run mad.’
‘I love her.’
‘Love should be reciprocated you cannot be the only one willing to make things work.’
‘You don’t understand.’
‘I don’t even want to understand right now, buddy you need to read in between the lines, your wife has fallen out of love with you that’s why she treats you like a child.’
Her words sting but I pretend as if I didn’t hear her, ‘Well I called to apologize for that rude interruption.’
‘You don’t have to apologize I know how that woman is.’
‘And please tell Carol not to come over.’
‘Tasha doesn’t want her to come for the interview.’
‘That is bullshit, sometimes be a man and stand up to her, why are you acting like the wife in that house? Banakudyesa iwe ai?’
I laugh I find no offence in her words because she isn’t the first one to tell me that.
‘Anyway Carol aside, come for that brail.’
‘I will see.’
‘Just come over and if you have nowhere to leave the kids just come with them.’
‘Later buddy.’

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