News: Coronavirus Lockdown: Residents are Taking up Security Roles to Combat the Upsurge of Robbery Attacks

Life under coronavirus lockdown in Nigeria is not only changing how people live but also how crime occurs. The restrictions on movement have had a significant impact on how perpetrators of crime operate and now it seems the new trend for robbers is coming out en masse to attack residents in their neighborhoods.
As the lockdown exercise in Ogun State entered its second week, robbers have continued to threaten the peace of communities in major parts of the state. This has led to residents coming together to take up the duty of securing their neighborhood without placing much hope on government security personnel.
Residents of various communities in Lagos and Ogun State have lamented rising criminal activities occasioned by the lockdown in the state. In the last six days, the robbers, mainly young persons, dispossess residents of cash, phones, foodstuff, and other belongings at night, leaving residents with panic and tales of woe.
Robbery Reports are coming in from, Alagbado, Agbado, ijaiye, Abule Egba, Agege, Ogba, Akute, Ota, Sango.

The residents turned to Vigilante, to secure the area. Are we on our own now? 💔

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We are securing the area ourselves... over 100 men on standby.. thanks to Nigeria police too @PoliceNG I have seen 6 patrol van moving area the area .. I rep Clem Road... Agbado area
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Both Strong and the Weak are on the street at Ahmadiyya around Abule Egba area doing night watchman...

@PoliceNG @jidesanwoolu please come to our aid oo, we arm less and weak.

Every one gonna flee, if the sh!t turnaround.

From to
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Where is @PoliceNG in all this & ? Why should citizens have to resort to self help? This is when govt should leverage military to clamp down on this, not to bully & kill citizens for lockdown. This is why we need Àmòtékùn, but Lagos & Ogun politicized it.
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They Have Their Job, But They Are Doing Police Job Now.

To All The Politicians Who Contributed In The Failure Of This Country NIGERIA Since 1960 Till Date ... Their Generation Will Never Know Peace

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Such courageous and fine reporting from this brilliant journalist @AnetaFelix 👏🏽See how residents came out to protect their communities.
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I'm worried about civilians who turn to vigilante by force in a bit to protect themselves and their family. Most of them are with cutlass. What if the armed robbers come with guns and start firing at them ??? 🤔😢
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We haven't slept. The boys in the area mounted the street with bonfire to protect the area. Weldon guys!
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Robbers have been terrorizing the people of Ogun state. Since govt announced a lockdown in the state. The masses are forming vigilante groups to protect themselves
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However, security operatives have swung into action and are already making a couple of arrests in connection with the chain of unrest in the affected localities.

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