Europe is in a new phase of reopening, but it's hardly a return to normal

Europe is in a new phase of reopening, but it's hardly a return to ...
Millions of people across Europe were returning to some semblance of their former lives Monday as more countries across the continent began to reopen after weeks or months of coronavirus-related lockdowns. But not everyone is happy with how the "new normal" looks.
Italian businesses are wondering how they'll survive as restrictions are eased but not fully lifted. Students are heading back to socially-distanced schools in Germany, where newly reopened barbershops are facing huge demand to right the wrongs of weeks of home haircuts. Belgians can once again use public transport, but face coverings are mandatory, while small shops are reopening in Greece and Portugal.
"Phase 2" of Italy's plan to ease restrictions began Monday, with more than 4 million people expected to return to work, some public transport services restored, and many businesses set to reopen, Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced on Facebook. "Like never before, the future of the country will be in our hands."
Although industries such as textiles and manufacturing are restarting, many non-essential stores remain closed. While bars and restaurants were allowed to reopen from Monday, they can only offer takeaway.
Franco, the owner of Il Bello Cafe bar in Rome, said the partial easing of restrictions would not be enough to keep many establishments afloat.
"I just reopened today, but it's not even worth it. There is so little work for us, few people are coming in, but also the bar isn't about just buying a coffee, or cappuccino, it's about a conversation. It's social," Franco, who declined to give his last name, told CNN. "The government does what they have to do for the pandemic, but the bar and our work is something else -- it doesn't go with these measures."
Source: CNN

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