Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Reunion show day 26: Tacha, Ella & Frodd get psychoanalyzed

Episode 26 saw Ella, Tacha and Frodd get the spotlight to talk about their mental health.

the reunion show with former housemates, Tacha, Ella and Frodd taking turns with the guest Psychiatrist.

Each of the housemates presumably let down their guard to share some of their defining vices while in the house. Catch the highlights:


Tacha has overtime been accused of recycling TBoss and CeeC's game while in the house and this explains her extremely antagonistic reaction to housemates. The reality star was analyzed as dealing with unresolved trust issues and of building walls as a defense mechanism. Tacha explained that for her, it was a coping mechanism as letting housemates see her in her vulnerable state would have been a major distraction.


 Ella [Instagram/@realmissella]
Ella [Instagram/@realmissella]

After three years of auditioning and getting turned down, Ella admitted to feeling exhausted and lowering her expectations. Outside the house, she struggled to deal with the spotlight of her new celebrity status and staying true to music genre.


Frodd admits struggling with interpersonal relationships [Instagram/@callmefrodd]
Frodd admits struggling with interpersonal relationships [Instagram/@callmefrodd]

Being the most emotionally appealing housemate while in the house posed a huge risk for Frodd outside the house. According to Oluseun Ogunnubi, the guest psychiatrist, the reality star's tendency to wear his heart on his sleeves could be anti-mental health and put him in a situation where he struggles with sustaining interpersonal relationships.

Frodd explained learning expressiveness from his mom. He also blamed some of his outbursts in the house on his mother's health. His game was to exhibit his team playing skill and anti-bullying stance which made him constantly stand up for himself.

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