Man cries out: She returned my ring after 8years of engagement. Never trust women


A South African identified as Faku Mpolweni has got himself trending on social media after his fellow men not to trust women.

The young man revealed that his fiancee returned the engagement ring after dating for eight years.

“She returned my ring Ring today after 8years of engagement yonke. Never trust women.”, he tweeted.

However, some Twitter users took to the comment section of his post to express their displeasure of his decision to keep the girl waiting for 8 years.

Here are some reactions below,

@justkholii__; hats off to her for giving you 8 years

@essamokoena; She didn’t want to have a PhD in Engagement Sciences 🤷🏽‍♀️

@Inenekazi_; Imagine being engaged for 8 years. You were wasting her time nawe

@I_am_Bucie; My brother you had no intentions of marrying this woman to begin with , you might not know it today but you’ll know it someday .You might have loved her but it wasn’t enough for you to marry her 8years is a very long time .I’m sorry that you’re hurt

@Ke_Assegaai; Fr imagine 8 years of engagement? Not even a university course takes that long

@IamKhanyah; I would have pawned it instead of returning it

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