Meet The Lady That Said She Has A Mansion In Hell And What She Told People About Chinua Achebe On Social Media

 Remember The Lady That Said She Has A Mansion In Hell? See What She Said About Chinua Achebe Online

Social media have been a platform for several people to share their thoughts and opinions willing, and the bird app known as Twitter is the place to see various comments.

The Nigerian lady named Ifa Funsho if most of us can remember is the controversial Twitter user who claimed she has a mansion in hell and that sparked a lot of reactions from Nigerians on social media.

In her recent post on social media, she has mentioned the renowned Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe who is famously known for his first novel named ‘Things Fall Apart’.

Here is what she has said about Chinua Achebe.

Take a look at the message Ifa Funsho released saying she has a mansion in hell.

What do you have to say concerning Ifa Funsho’s statement?

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