Gbile Akanni: Instructions For The End Time Challenges

 When we look at the end-time, the confusion and all the challenges before us, one can only be consoled with the promise and assurance that God has a plan for us.

      Yet, we cannot be vague about how God will see us through. Rather we should bend down to study, and then utilize the definite provision that God has made available to us in scriptures.

By God's grace, this message is intended for that purpose. May God grant us the necessary and pre-requisite understanding in Jesus name-Amen!

But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayers" 1 Pet. 4:7

The above scripture presents two lines of thoughts and consideration. The first direction is an affirmation that the end time is already here! Sudden, Definite, and Unobstructive! The second direction, is the implication- that everything will soon finish: the good, the bad, and the ugly..."all things"; not just bad things.

We are all going to be scattered, living in the midst of conflicts predicted and outlined in several generations of Bible prophecies and empirical deductions.

As much as can be deducted, contradictions and divergencies will be so much, that even in the church, getting people that have the same conviction with you will become difficult and you will then discover that you are a lonely man. Even as a preacher, you will look for preachers of the same persuasion and you will not find. You will certainly feel lonely.

1. Obey the whole instructions of scriptures on day to day living.

2. Be 'clear-minded in all issues!'

3. Pleasure and covetousness-the twin evils to avoid.

4. Prayer: An imperative for the end time believer!

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