Sade Akanni: ...In Understanding God's will

 One big challenge facing every Christian is being able to know the will of God. Yet, this is a very basic ingredient to have a successful Christian Life. We were bought with a price (1 cor. 6:20); we are not our own. The reason Christ died for us was so that " we should not henceforth live unto ourselves, but unto Him who died for us and rose again" (2 cor. 5:14-15); God's eternal purpose for saving us is that we live only for Jesus; we live only to fulfill His will for our lives.

We have no other reason to be alive now than to fulfill God's will for our lives, not our own will and programme for our lives.

It therefore becomes obligatory for every child of God to know, to understand, and to do the will of God each time and over every matter.

It is expected of us to know and to do God's will both on long and short term bases, in small and in big matters, for Christ's life to be made manifest in us. It is only then that we shall have rest to our souls and experience fulfilled Christian lives. We are bought with a price-the precious blood of the lamb.

However, many times you will discover that instead of persevering to experience God this way, many of us live our lives casually and use our common sense to run our lives. We take decisions anyhow and choose the easy way out when we are faced with seemingly difficult situations.

We no longer bother to see God's directions over every matter that comes and in our day-to-day living. We assume that we are mature enough to take decisions as we like. Some of us are Keen enough to seek God's face over 'big' matters like choosing a marriage partner or business partner or where to apply for a job but all other matters in life are subjected to our sense.  We seem not to have seen the need for consciously and deliberately following the Lord's leading in daily living. Yet, God says that the reason Jesus died for us is so that we should not hereforth live for ourselves but for Him who died for us and rose again.

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