My name is Donald John Trump.

I was born on the 14th of June in 1947..

Throughout my life, I was a business man and real estate developer who have employed a lot of Americans before I decided to run for the office of American presidency in 2016.

For the past years before I became the president, I have watched how the Democrats, Obama & Biden ruined the pride of America and almost destroyed the world.

I saw how Obama & Biden destroyed Libya by killing Gadaaffi and ruined that beautiful country into what it is today.

I saw how Obama & Biden influenced the NIGERIA election in 2015 by creating a terrorist group called Boko Haram to destabilize Nigeria under the former president so as to put in his vassal.

I saw how ISIS were killing Americans and beheading people without remorse while Obama & Biden administration kept funding them.

From 2017 when I took over as the president, I have achieved a lot in just 48 months more than Joe Biden who had been in power for over 47 years.

I have a lot of achievements which the fake news like NBC, CNN and Co are not reporting it rather they've been against me all through my adminstration.

The following are my achievements......

1. I stopped the abortion law because it is evil against humanity and God yet Democrats & Biden are in SUPPORT of it.

2. I brought Bible and Christianity back to White House which Obama & Biden ostracized during his tenure.

3. I gave my $400,000 monthly salaries for the last four years yet the fake news media is still claiming I don't pay taxes even when I hire and pay taxes of many Americans working for me.

4. I fully stopped ISIS and their operations in less than a year of my adminstration.

5. I recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

6. I am the only president who is concerned about the killings in Nigeria by terrorists being sponsored by Obama.

7. I brought Arab nations to a historic Peace with Israel because I love peace.

8. I eliminated Suleimani the Iranian chief terrorist.

9. I cancelled the America Aid to Palestinian and Afghanistan because they are sponsoring ISIS.

10. I rebuilt the America military to the extent it is the best in world's history today.

11. I brought back jobs to America and our economy was the best before the China plague.

12. I brought back the celebration of Christmas which Obama & Biden made a taboo

In all these, the American fake media and radicals left including crazy Nancy Pelosi all conspired to distract me from doing my works.

I have been dragged about by these fake media and politicians who are anti America and because I failed to Join in their occultic group.

They started by claiming that Russia influenced the 2016 presidential election which turned out to be lies.

They went after me over the phone calls I made with the Ukrainian president and in all, I was vindicated.

They went on with their impeachment hoax which I won them because I am innocent.

They were against me when I locked the American border but later came to blame me over Chinese virus..

Almost all the Democratic controlled States are being taken over by Antifa and the group they created to ruin America and are against LAW & ORDER.

Americans and the world, I have a lot of stories to tell of how Democrats who supposed to join me in getting America to the highest point, joined hands with China to destroy America just because of politics.. I will write it in a book when I am finally done with my adminstration.

The good people of America and the world, I really need prayers over the upcoming America Election on the 3rd of November.

The Democrats and their Allies are against me because of how I decided not to play games with Americans just like they are doing.

I need prayers..

Wherever you are seeing this post, please PRAY for me in your language...

Whether in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, precisely Nigeria most especially the Eastern Region, middle East, please pray to God to help me achieve victory in the next Election.

Please pray for me in your language because I believe in prayers, in Jesus and power of God Almighty..

He is the only One who would give me victory..

Once I win, I will focus on Africa and bring permanent peace by freeing nations who are suffering from the post European Colonization........

Do me a favor please

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