Music: ‘What a Year’: Shyne On Me Offers Hope in New EP

 Rocked with a year of completely unpredictable events, Gospel Hip Hop-Soul artist 
Shyne On Me
 clings to faith as he takes us on a musical journey through a rather tumultuous 12 months with the release of his new EP titled, What a Year.

Speaking out on the major headlines of 2020 including the global pandemic, the recurring issue of police brutality as well as violence in black communities, Shyne On Me strives to offer hope through a faith-filled message to counter the pain endured through trials.

“I believe a good majority of us has had to endure some sort of shift or break from the norm this year and in my personal experiences there’s no better solution to life’s problems than to bring it before God in prayer.” shares Shyne On Me,

“this project is mainly encouraging the listenership to cling to God and faith in the midst of trials and tribulations.”


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