Gospel: How To Be A Successful Independent Musician (Part One)

  Generally, to be successful in every career you venture into, you need to take a step and in most times steps for without this you can’t reach the productive level you had always intended to attain.

No one is going to knock on your door with a golden ticket to sign you into their label. You just have to set up and pursue your d

Don’t assume record label will sign an artiste who have no song of his or her own. The truth is that almost all record label in Nigeria are looking for artist who have at least been established and who have a large fan base. Abeg who wan waste money in the name of building an artiste from the scratch?…omo gone are those days o when things like that happen. Record label hardly sign an artiste without a successful independent career behind them.

(1) Build your brand identity and awareness:

by getting for yourself an enticing graphics that you use across all your promotional materials from your website and social media account. A strong brand identity can help to develop a strong brand awareness.

(2) Do songs and genre you are good at:

often times, it’s quite sad that some artiste want to do every genre in order to please A or C. Virtually, this is why most songs sound poor and awkward. Focus more on your strength, develop it and make it your brand, create a niche for your yourself that the public will know you for. Don’t be jack of all genre and master of none. Know your style.

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