Gospel: How To Be A Successful Independent Musician – Part 2

Last time on our previous episode we talked about how to be a successful independent Musician. If u are just reading this we advice you CLICK HERE to read part one before coming to this one.

The third way on becoming a successful independent Musician is….

(3) Do songs and genre you are good at:

Often times, it’s quite sad that some artiste want to do every genre in order to please A or C.

Virtually, this is why most songs sound poor and awkward. Focus more on your strength, develop it and make it your brand, create a niche for your yourself that the public will know you for. Don’t be jack of all genre and master of none. Know your style.

(4)Connect with your fans:

Try and building a strong relationship with your fans. This is quite crucial to your success as an independent musician. An artiste walked up to me asking me how to promote her music. I asked her if she has any social media accounts. She said she don’t know about it.

Surprisingly, the internet have made it easy and fast to reach out to new fans who will love your music. Post interesting things, keep your fans updated about your music career. If they compliment your work, you thank them and don’t ignore them. Create a system or platforms that will allow them to be engage to your content/post.

All you need is an internet connection and an irresistible personality.

(5) High quality product:

To be a successful independent music, you need to be known for quality output and not based on quantity. By this, I mean you should have music that uplifts the soul, embellished with meaning lyrics. Carefully structure and organise your lyrics, in gospeltunes we have expects who are skilled in helping you organize and structure your songs.

Ultimately to this, sing as directed by God.

(6) Relationship will take u were money can’t:

As an independent artist one thing you must do is to Create meaningful relationships for your career; mainly people like. Radio and TV presenters, Top DJ, bloggers, grahic designers, Choir directors, Video directors, hype men, dancers Etc. Create relationship with your fellow musicians and support them by share their songs on ur platforms.

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